Nexus Project Cluster

The Nexus Project Cluster is a group of independent research initiatives who team up for increased and more impacting communication and dissemination of the Nexus. The Nexus includes sectors like water, energy, food, land and climate, as well as important societal challenges like public health and rural-urban development. We also consider alignment with circular economy projects provided that they are linked to the concept of the Nexus. The Cluster started in 2018 and initially run until 2020. More information by e-mail to Floor Brouwer.


The Cluster will initiate stakeholder interaction on the Nexus. We create synergies and an added value in aligning our research outcomes and jointly launch policy awareness-raising. We interact with the European Commission (including EASME as the Executive Agency to co-ordinate Nexus-related research actions).


The Cluster is open to communication and knowledge sharing, such as exchange of methodologies, approaches, tools, datasets, case study contacts and results. We provide added value to individual actions by the different projects, in organising larger-scale and inter-team actions. We write joint publications.


We especially focus at improved and mutual learning on policy coherence and synergies across the relevant Nexus sectors. We support policy documents and discussions, using the Nexus concept.

Our Steering Committee

with members from SIM4NEXUS, DAFNE and UNU-FLORES


Floor Brouwer (Wageningen Research, the Netherlands)

Floor Brouwer is scientific coordinator of SIM4NEXUS, and leading the Steering Committee of the Nexus Project Cluster. He is committed the Cluster will share the knowledge on the Nexus for policy support. In doing so, society will benefit from the sustainable management of natural resources.


Guido Schmidt

Guido Schmidt is senior policy expert at Fresh-Thoughts Consulting GmbH (Austria), with 25 years’ experience about better understanding, preventing and/or solving water and environmental problems and conflicts, such as with irrigation and hydropower. He understands the Nexus approach as a tool to improve understanding across sectors and identifying synergies at policy and management levels. Guido is leading the work package on communications of SIM4NEXUS, and has recently assessed the Nexus performance in South Eastern Europe for GWP-Med.


Jasminko Novak

Jasminko Novak is Professor of Information Systems at the University of Applied Sciences Stralsund and Chairman of the European Institute for Participatory Media in Berlin. He has 20 years of experience in trans-disciplinary research and practice in the area of Digital Innovation and Participatory Systems in multi-stakeholder settings applied to different domains with a special focus on societal challenges, such as sustainable management of water and energy. His group leads the work on visual decision-making support tools for participatory integrated planing and multi-stakeholder dialogues in the Water-Energy-Food Nexus in the DAFNE project

Nexus Project Cluster

Partly funded from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 689150 SIM4NEXUS.

Contact: Floor Brouwer, Wageningen Economic Research

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